All registered member companies of IFTA listed on this web site are registered by the SABS and certified in terms of SABS 1475. The same companies also employ registered and qualified SAQCC-Fire Technicians.

The end user (Client) is guaranteed that our members subscribe to our Code of Conduct as well as the standards as laid down in terms of the SANS codes of practice and the Pressure Equipment Regulations.

Our members are committed to the advancement of quality and education in the industry to ensure that the clients are provided with the best possible service and technical advice.

IFTA also posts items relating to the industry on this site regarding any changes in technical or legal issues regarding this segment of the fire industry.

The SABS is represented at our committee meetings and we have a close working relationship with the bureau.

We are represented on the SAQCC-Fire and play an active part in the administration and regulation of the handheld fire extinguisher industry.

Should you the end user have any problems regarding our members or any work related issues you would like us to assist with, please do not hesitate to contact us.


As per the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) and SANS-347 ALL extinguishers may only be pressure tested by a SANAS accredited test station.

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