Chairpersons of the Various Sub Groups

IFTA Was founded in 1990 To serve the fire industry by providing a forum for the stake holders to exchange ideas and discuss items of common interest.

The association also provided members to represent it’s members collective interests on the committees of the various bodies that have effect on the industry and to provide a lobby to ensure fair and equitable legislation.

The association keeps its members informed on proposed legislation changes that are in progress as well as the ones that have come into effect, so as to ensure that our members are informed and are in correct legal standing with the legislation.

The association also provides a forum for end users to the industry to voice their concerns and have them addressed.

The association via its appointed committee members actively seeks to promote good working relations with the Fire Departments and Government Institutions and the end users to the benefit of it’s members.

The association promotes proper education and technical training standards to ensure that our members staff are trained and qualified to produce quality workmanship through technical skills. To this end we support training institutions that produce good quality technical skills training.

Vice Chairman

Mr. Ivar Kvale

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Mr. Andre Webb


Mr. Andre Schutte



Fire Extinguishers


IFTA has various members and or committees that deal with the various technical and legislative issues, as well as members who serve and represent IFTA on the following legislative committees and bodies:

SANS 1475  The reconditioning of hand held fire appliance

SANS 10139 Electronic Fire Detection

SANS 347 Pressure Equipment Regulations

SANAS (pressure testing) Technical Committee

SAQCC-Fire (Hand Held Fire Appliances SANS 1475) & (FD & GES) committees

Membership: Open to all individuals, companies, end users, manufacturers, legislative and regulatory organizations having any interest in the various fields of fire protection and fire safety.



Mr. Ivar Kvale

Serving the fire industry since 1990